Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation


Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Appearance, and Arete

Favored Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Empathy, Integrity, Larceny and Presence

Rivals: Hephaestus


As beautiful and capricious as the sea that birthed her, Aphrodite is impossibly gorgeous no matter what disguise she puts on. Men and women fall in love with her in an epic way the moment they lay eyes on her. Aphrodite herself falls in love with equal fervor—only to come crashing out of love in an epic way a few months or occasionally years later. To modern eyes, Aphrodite has assumed roles ranging from fashion model to arm candy to the super wealthy. She has been the executive of a fashion magazine, the hostess of a TV game show, a cheerleader for a championship football team and a soulful lounge singer. Fickle, demanding, fascinated by intelligence yet never really seeing its use, Aphrodite keeps her attendant fans waiting on her, hand and foot, so that her every whim is supplied. Her indiscretions are always overlooked, laughed off or excused. Her paramours rarely get off so easily. When she vanishes suddenly, her former victims are usually left penniless and suicidal. In fact, finding her is merely a matter of tracking the string of failed relationships and ruined lovers she leaves behind. Her Scions tend to follow one of two paths: Either they are genuinely loving and communicative with their partners, while providing inspiration and guidance to all their friends in matters of love and relationships; or they tend to leave a string of broken hearts and ruined people behind them. Usually incredibly beautiful themselves, they still have difficulty wielding that beauty in the presence of their mother.

In modern life, Aphrodite has been a fashion model, hostess of a TV game show, a cheerleader, an arm candy, a soulful lounge singer, an executive for a fashion magazine. More often than not, she is very wealthy, playing on her looks to acquire money.

Scions of Aphrodite are of two kind. They can be real lover, inspiring the people they love, helping them communicate their love around. The other kind leave the same trail of heartbroken people than their mother. In any cases, they are all very beautiful, but their beauty still pale in comparison to their mother’s.


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