God of the grape harvest, wine and winemaking, madness, and ecstasy


Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Stamina, Arete, Chaos, Fertility, and Mystery.

Favored Abilities: Art, Empathy, Integrity, Fortitude, Occult, Presence.

Rivals: Hades


The wildest and craziest of a wild pantheon, Dionysus is a Scion of Zeus who was elevated to godhood about 3,000 years ago. God of wine and celebration, he is the perfect party boy, whether you want to stage a sedate wine tasting, a drunken orgy or a drug-fueled rock concert in the back of beyond. Invite him, and a party will usually show up in his wake. Darkhaired and slender while still being soft, Dionysus is capable of persuading even the most straight-laced prude to loosen his tie and party down.

Dionysus has dabbled in being a rock impresario, a club owner, a wine merchant, a food critic, a grand cordon chef, a drug dealer, a microbrewery manager and a restaurant owner. He also likes to take on short-term roles as the handsome stranger with the really good pot or the really good bottle of wine at the concert. It’s telling about Dionysus’s abilities as a father that he much prefers to create Scions during casual encounters than as part of some long-term disguise.

His Scions are similar. Wherever they go, they tend to establish a party around themselves. If they stay too long in one place, it congregates around them, attracting the missing elements of that celebration. This happens partly because the Scion is fun to be around, but also because Fate finds it useful to create such events around the Scion. The more potent the Scion is, the larger and more raucous the soirée.


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