Goddess of strife and discord


Associated powers: Epic Wits, Epic Manipulation, Chaos, War, and Arete.

Favored Abilities: Athletics, Command, Craft (torture), Empathy, Melee, Politics.

Rivals: Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Hestia, Demeter

Special: Scions of Eris often replace one of the Greek Virtues (typically Valor) with a Titan Virtue (such as Rapacity).


The Olympian Ares is not a tame god, personifying murder and war, but his darkness and malice pales in comparison to his sister, Eris. While Ares sees war as a means to an end, and sponsors noble hero and bloodthirsty killer alike, he at least is dedicated to the war against the Titans. Truly, Ares has his dark side, but in contrast Eris is darkness incarnate. Eris is relentlessly wrathful, reveling in the pain and cruelty she inflicts on others. Modern Discordianists argue that the truth is more complex than this, that while Eris is goddess of terrible things she did not create them, but regardless she and her Scions are fearsome indeed.

Eris chooses to manifest in forms which allow her to revel in her role to bring strife and pain. Whether a diplomatic agitator who deliberately pushes nations towards war, a punk-musician calling for violence on the streets of America or an African warlord commanding the pillage and systematic destruction of villages, Eris thinks in terms of scale. She is not interested in small scale suffering – strife on a grand scale is her only goal.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Eris is not a servant of the Titans, and in fact has a good working relationship with several members of the Dodekatheon, most especially her mother Hera, who she respects as someone superior in guile and power to her. However, Eris is not a nice person, and has little time for heroes and noble virtues.

When Eris is mother to Scions it is usually because she respects the achievements of the mortal fathers. exceptionally cruel men and spreaders of discord and strife may draw her lust and she will seduce them or even take them by force.

Her Scions, in contrast, often suffer their mother’s creative cruelty as Eris takes the time and special effort to make them suffer on an individual basis. Abuse creates abusers, and her children are often viciously cruel themselves. Scions of Eris in the past have included professional torturers, S&M prostitutes, serial abusers and political rabble-rousers.


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