Evan Laikos

Tall, lean, with a weathered look about him, you find yourself unable to place his age due to the man's odd combination of hard living and youthful features.


Evan Laikos
Son of Hermes
Calling: Smuggler
Nature: Pentinent (Repent-As-You-Go Model)

Strength: *
Dexterity: *
Stamina: *


Born in the swamps just outside of Miami, Evan quickly learned the value of knowing how to get from one place to the other without the nuisance of roads and the various law enforcement officers that tend to travel them. Born to a life of drugs and violence, Evan soon made himself irreplaceable to his mother Chandra, who was a smuggler for one of the many cartels that call Miami. Evan’s knack for finding wilderness paths through the swamps proved to be invaluable to the cartels and soon Evan took over the smuggling operation just before turning sixteen. Events following Evan taking over the family smuggling operation are confused and muddled, reports place him in Europe, Africa, Asia, and even a spotting of him in the Antarctic. As to what he was doing in these locations there are nearly as many explanations as there are sightings of him, ranging from smuggling operations, human trafficing, and even reports of him serving in GreenPeace. When pressed for more details, Evan smiles and says simply “You can’t start a book in the middle.”

Evan Laikos

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