God of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, border crossings. Messenger of the gods and guide to the Underworld


Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Magic, Psychopomp, and Arete

Favored Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Larceny, Occult, Stealth and Survival

Rivals: Apollo, Poseidon


Lithe, tanned, dark-haired Hermes is the swift-footed messenger of the Gods. He has gone everywhere and done everything. A master trickster and illusionist, he tricked Apollo out of his cows and paid him back with music made with a harp of cow-guts. He stole his magic from Hera, wealth from Pluto, and his traveler’s wits from Artemis. The other Gods are not always fond of him, but they can’t deny he has a certain playful usefulness. Hermes more often plays tricks on Titans and titanspawn than on his fellow Gods, and that makes him useful.

In modern life, Hermes has been an upstart head of a computer start-up, a three-card monte con man, a bicycle messenger, an M&A lawyer and the man who sold the Eiffel Tower—twice. The herald of the Gods also makes a good diplomat and trouble-shooter, both for Gods and mortals, and he enjoys making deals that leave everyone but the Titans happy. As a God of merchants and travelers—concepts unfamiliar or even alien to the Titans—Hermes loves the mortal World and travels in it far more often than the other Gods do. He serves as the principal agent of the Dodekatheon in delivering Birthrights and is often a Scion’s first contact with the divine hierarchy.

Hermes’ Scions are often impressed into similar roles. In a world where communications are frequently intercepted, mouth to ear becomes the safest form of information dissemination. Therefore, the children of Hermes risk life and limb to become couriers and spies for their aunts and uncles among the Gods. Not accidentally do the Scions of Hermes also run life insurance services for the God-born. They are well aware of the risks of being a Scion in the first place.


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