"¿Dónde está el queso? Oh, el queso es de allí? Voy a por el queso entonces."


Juanito is a Cuban who Evan smuggled across back in his early days. He left Florida where Evan dropped him off and established himself in the criminal underworld in New York. He currently lives with his Wife, his Wife’s Sister, his Wife’s Sister’s Mother-in-Law, his Wife’s Sister’s Mother-in-law’s cousin, and his three children all of them girls. He views his curse of living with seven women as a penance for his adventurous and carnal ways of his youth.

Although it has never been clear to Evan what Juanito exactly does in the criminal underworld, however he seems to have his fingers in just about everything going on in New York or at least knows a guy who knows a guy who might.

Juanito has a distinct love for fine cheese and can usually be bribed for information using cheese as the bargaining chip.


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