God of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature, mountain wilds, hunting, and rustic music


Associated Powers: Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Epic Perception, Animal (Goat), Chaos, Earth, and Arete

Favored Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Empathy, Integrity, Presence, Survival

Rivals: Apollo


Pan has long been known as the God of Shepherds, the woodlands, and simple tunes. Depicted as having the hooves, legs, and horns of a goat he has long been thought of as the cheerful keeper of the small places of the wild left in civilization. He is usually found wandering the back roads of his domain a pair of pan pipes in his hand. Yet for his simple nature Pan is not just a simple shepherd god he is also the god of primal terror, his name the root of panic.

In modern days he appears in many different shapes as a simple shepherd boy untouched by the modern times, a weaver at rural fairs, and a folk musician. He usually avoids cities as they serve only as a reminder of how far humanity has moved from the times he remembers. As such he seeks out places where time has had its least effects, the rural areas where life is still simpler.

The Scions of Pan usually share their father’s simple and earthy nature. Predisposed to being farmers and rangers or any other job where they can get away from the stress of the city and out into the sunshine and fresh air of nature. His Scions are equally invested as him in maintaining and protecting the more rural ways of life that civilization and the Titanspawn both seek to upset.


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