Ronald Sawyer

"He could do things with two paperclips and a block of wood that you wouldn't believe...and I'm not even talking about the gay clubs."


Ronald was one of Korey Neptune’s best friends. He, Lucy, and Korey all met at UCLA where they were pursuing their various artistic degrees and decided that their brands of insanity meshed well together.

Upon graduation, they found studio space in Korey’s hometown of Cincinnati, which they all agreed needed a cultural shakedown.
After two and a half years of Ron’s suggestive (with innocent explanations) sculpture, Lucy’s avante-garde performance art (The tarantula was representative of Iran’s increased involvement with US foreign affairs since the beginning of the War on Terror. Duh.), and Korey’s gifted usage of anything that was once alive in art, the collective decided to part ways, at least physically.

Ron and Korey left for New York City to look for new opportunities for their group, and Lucy stayed behind to mind the studio and fulfill gallery obligations.

After weeks of Ron partying and getting to know the ‘vibe’ of NYC, Korey called him with the stunning news that a respected poet, Veda Ray, was just shot and killed in front of her audience at The Apollo Theatre. He was rolling pretty hard at that moment, though, so all he could manage was an overly dramatic “She will…be missed.”

Unfortunately for Ron, though, the death of Miss Ray and his counterpart’s involvement eventually got their apartment targeted by Korey’s enemies. When Korey went back to her place a couple of days later, all she found was a police line and a shadowy, ghost-like visage of Ron asking her what had happened.

An artist plucked before his prime. Ron would have made SUCH a phallic sculpture representing that.

Ronald Sawyer

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