Bureaucracy Purview

(Purview and Page done by Kevin subject to GM approval. I’m just noodling around with ideas)

Okay, so at first here, I’m just going to kind of splurge ideas at the page in no particular order and see what fits

Basically here’s my idea here. The groundwork is lain in the Percy Jackson books. For certain Divine entities (most notably Iris, though there are other examples), a proper prayer and a sacrifice is enough to reliably get a minor deity to do a task for you. This more or less expands on that principal.

Olympus is a government, and like any government, there are ways to get things done. The relics of this purview are badges of office that mark the person in question an official of the Olympian government.

  • Proper Channels: You can always sense officials of the Olympian Government. This includes all minor immortals and any scion with a relic for this purview. In addition, you know any supernatural abilities they may possess.
  • Requisition Process: Gain access to a birthright up to (Bureaucracy) dots by spending 1 legend per dot of birthright and waiting one week per dot. The item remains in your possession for a number of days equal to your legend.
  • Grease the Wheels:
  • Expedite: Double the cost of any Bureaucracy boon and to make it happen immediately. But you must wait the required ammount of time to make it happen again.
  • Quid pro quo: Make a sacrifice, spend a point of legend and willpower, and compel any official of Olympus with less legend than you to do a single task for you.
  • On Earth as in Heaven: Your authority over the supernatural world extends to the mortal realm.

And the finished order

1 Proper Channels: detect any official of the Olympian Government, and what services they can do for Olympus as a whole.
2 Badge of Office
3 Requisition Process
4 Quid pro quo
10 Edict: You can create a new law in heaven. Violating that law invites retribution.
11 The Machine: The God becomes the living embodiment of Government as a whole. You may cause anyone to succeed or fail in any politics roll. You may help a criminal escape punishment, or trump up a charge against an innocent man, in any government either Divine or Mortal. You may tie up someone’s actions in bureaucratic red tape, even preventing the actions of a titan for a time.

Bureaucracy Purview

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