Character Creation

Character Creation for The Return of the King is the same as a regular Scion: Hero game with a few minor tweaks. The tweaks are not major but they give the player the option to play a hero with no godly parent, e.g. Jason. Instead, these characters select a divine patron. I’ll explain how this works in each section. I’m calling these chosen ones Jasons.

Calling, Pantheon, God, and Nature

The pantheon has already been chosen as the Dodekatheon. So, your first choice is to pick a godly parent or, in the case of a Jason, godly patron. This choice is based entirely on who you want to be.

Second, choose calling. Your calling is a short description of who you are, like “Stage Magician” or “Neighborhood Guardian Mechanic.” This is particularly important if you are going to play a Jason, because in order for a god to decide to patron a person, the person has to exemplify trait associated with their godly patron.

Third, you need to choose a nature. You choose the nature that best fits your character.


Sort your character’s attribute groups (Physical, Social, and Mental) from most important to least important. Put 8 dots into your most important group, 6 dots into your group of middle importance, and 4 dots into you least important group. Note that all Attributes start with one dot before you add any.

Physical Traits: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Social Traits: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
Mental Traits: Perception, Intelligence, Wits


Place 30 dots into abilities without placing more than 3 in any one ability. Note that at least 6 dots must go into Favored Abilities.


Place 5 dots worth of Birthrights none of which may be higher than 3 before spending bonus points)

Use 10 dots for Boons and Epic Attributes. Spend 1 dot for each dot of Boon (a 1 dot Boon cost 1 dot, a 3 dot Boon cost 3 dots) and spend 1 dot for each dot level of Epic Attribute (1 dot for Epic Attribute up to level 1, 1 more dot to raise it to 2 making a total of 2 dots, 1 more dot to raise it to 3 making a total of 3 dots).

Spend 5 dots on Virtues, none of which may be higher than 4 before spending bonus points. You can replace any 2 Dodekatheon virtue with any other virtues.

Finishing Touches

First, figure out your Legend dots, which should be 2 unless you raise it with bonus points.

Next, calculate you Willpower which is the total of your two highest Virtues.

Thirdly. calculate your Legend points; square of your Legend dots.

Bonus Points

This part of character creation can be done at any point in the character creation process. Spend 15 bonus points. Use the list below to figure out the costs of Traits.

Attribute – 4
Ability – 2 (1 for Favored Ability of divine parent)
Birthright – 1 (2 if the Birthright is being raised above 3)
Virtue – 3
Willpower – 2
Legend – 7
Epic Attribute – 5 (4 if associated with divine parent)
Knack – 3
Boons – 5 (4 if associated with divine parent)
Additional Spell – 5 (4 if Magic is associated with divine parent)


Here is a character questionnaire. You can either copy it into word and email it back or answer in the GM Only section of your character.


As you are probably aware, the names of the equipment in the book is a pain because they use alternate names, longsword is a spatha and a quarterstaff is a bo. I am linking you to a website, here that has a little descriptor of each weapon next to it. When you record the weapon you want just put in parenthesis the item you are using, eg. “Long Spear (Naginata)”.

Keep in mind, the linked website is also good for other things as well.

Character Creation

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