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The Children of the Gods

This is the world as we know it; or as we think we know it. Most people go about their days, never wondering if there is something more out there. Most people just live their lives, never straying from a specific path. Most people only see what they think they are supposed to see. But some people are different. Some people can achieve great things. They are born of greatness, for greatness and they must achieve it, whether they want to or not; or they die. They are the children of the gods.

Some would say the Hellenic gods are myths, and they like it that way. When people believe that you are a great, all-powerful being they expect things of you. The gods would prefer that they be left alone, being worshiped from afar, like naming a space mission Apollo or a planet Mars. Or so they say. In truth, a decree by the great, lord Zeus has forbade immortal interaction with mortals. But the gods are old and they tend to forget such trivialities. Over the last few hundred years, the gods have begun again to spawn half-god children, know in circles as Scions. More often than not these children are left alone, to be who they want to be, until now.

In 2010, the titans began to rally their children into an army, and the gods have realized that they must do the same. It is now 2013 and the world modern world is beginning to collapse.


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